Thank you very much for all of this – I so appreciate your incredible advice and guidance!
A genuine thank you from me for everything you’re advising to Tim for my mother. So pleased we found you.
I hope you are well. I was going through a backlog of emails! Mum says she was super impressed and grateful for all your work! Thanks for helping!
James H
Firstly, I cannot thank Janet enough for her help, support and kindness during a very difficult time. My mother was taken into hospital in June 2023 and since then we’ve had to battle with the local authority for help with her care. Without Janet’s help we wouldn’t have been able to deal with the very difficult and traumatic scenarios put in front of us. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and we are so incredibly grateful.
Janet stepped in quickly and arranged for a compatible carer when I needed help following my return from hospital after having had a hip replacement.
Janet was very caring, supportive and understanding and, at 92 years of age, I couldn’t have managed without her.
Thank you Janet, for giving me back my independence.
Navigating one’s way through the quagmire of government, local authority and NHS benefits that may be available to support aging relatives is a nightmare. None of the above bodies are transparent or in the least bit helpful in providing advice and guidance. Finding someone with a strong knowledge in this area is critically important, and I was fortunate enough to find Janet Shreeve at Shreeve Care Services Ltd. Janet’s support and advice was a godsend as my own knowledge and understanding of an over complicated system was so limited. Janet made me aware of my parents’ entitlements and helped me contact the correct people. I highly recommend her services to others that find themselves in a same situation. Not only will Janet point you in the right direction, she will also save you a lot of time and effort, which in such circumstances is extremely exhausting and made deliberately stressful, in the hope you will give up and not make claims you are probably entitled to.
Dear Janet, I thought you would like to hear that the choice of carer for mum has been a big success!
She’s a real smart cookie and mum actually trusts her.
So grateful for your input.