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At Shreeve Care Services, we are committed to providing unparalleled support and expertise in the field of care services.

Our dedicated team is here to empower care companies and individuals with comprehensive services that enhance the quality of care and promote wellbeing.

With a wealth of experience and a client centric approach, we offer a range of services designed to address your unique needs.

Consultancy Services

Advice Services

Gain access to our advisory services covering a spectrum of care options, including Supported Living, Live-In Care, Domiciliary Care, and Nursing Support.

We provide expert advice and information to help you make informed decisions about the best care solutions for your specific requirements.

Bid Writing

Navigating the competitive landscape of care services requires effective bid writing. Our team excels in crafting compelling bids that showcase your organisation’s strengths and secure contracts.

CQC Registrations

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards by entrusting us with your Care Quality Commission (CQC) registrations. Our experts streamline the process, guiding you through the requirements and ensuring a smooth registration.

Business Development

Maximise your potential with our business development services. We assist care companies in identifying growth opportunities, optimising operations, and implementing strategies that foster long-term success.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Secure the future with our Lasting Power of Attorney services. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring your decisions about health and welfare, as well as property and financial affairs, are legally protected.

Equity Release

Unlock the financial potential of your assets with our equity release services. We can advise with regards to providing personalised solutions that may allow you to access funds for care-related expenses, making quality care more accessible and ultimately enable you to have a greater choice.

Training and Development

Invest in the skills and knowledge of your team with our comprehensive training programs. From carer training to leadership development, our tailored courses enhance the capabilities of your staff, ensuring the highest standard of care.

Care and Nursing Homes

Care Home Advisory

Our team evaluates if a care home aligns with the individual’s requirements. Care homes are ideal for those who seek assistance with daily activities but do not necessitate constant medical supervision. We consider factors like social preferences, lifestyle, and personal space to recommend suitable care home options.

Nursing Home Advisory

For individuals with more complex medical needs or chronic conditions, a nursing home might be the optimal choice. Our advisors assess the level of medical care required and guide you through the selection of nursing homes that provide skilled nursing services, rehabilitation, and specialized care.

Understanding CHC Assessments

In certain cases, a Continuing Healthcare (CHC) assessment may be necessary to evaluate eligibility for NHS-funded care. Shreeve Care Services assists in coordinating and facilitating CHC assessments, working closely with healthcare professionals to ensure a thorough evaluation of care needs.

The CHC assessment involves a detailed review of an individual’s health and social care needs. Our team liaises with healthcare professionals, ensuring that all relevant information is considered. We guide you through the assessment process, providing support and advocacy to secure the appropriate level of funding for your care.

Shreeve Care Services acts as your advocate, ensuring your voice is heard during assessments and care planning, prioritising your comfort and well-being.

At Shreeve Care Services, we are dedicated to elevating the standards of care services through our comprehensive range of services. Whether you are a care company or an individual seeking the best care solutions, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Your journey to exceptional care starts with Shreeve Care Services.